Top 4 Regional and Artisanal Nepali Pickles to Buy Right Now

<strong>Top 4 Regional and Artisanal Nepali Pickles to Buy Right Now</strong>


Nepali food is known for its diversity and regional specialties, and the pickling tradition is one of the most significant ones. In Nepal, there are more than 1,000 different kinds of pickles—a huge variety that means you will never run out of delicious new condiments to try, and each one is a work of art made with love by someone dedicated to traditional foods.

Pickles are a great way to bring out the flavors of Nepali cuisine, and they make an awesome gift to take back home with you. It is widely believed that pickles have been around for thousands of years, dating as far back as 2030 BC, when pickling cucumbers were introduced to India.

The process of pickling has been passed down from generation to generation, with each family developing its own unique recipe. Now—thanks to modern technology—you no longer need to develop your own recipe in order to make pickles yourself. All you need to do is find a good recipe on the internet, and you will be able to make your own pickles—and enjoy homemade deliciousness!

But if you’re too busy to get out of the house or visit your favorite pickle shop, don’t worry—you can order your pickles online and have them delivered right to your doorstep.

There are many options available for people who want to experience a taste of home, but we at Kitchen Recipe restaurants offer better versions that come with a guarantee of quality and freshness. Our pickles are made using only natural ingredients and spices, which help preserve their taste and flavor for much longer than usual.

So, if you are looking for that perfect pickle to satiate your cravings and make you feel at home, look no further!

  • Pickled Round Chilies (अकबरे अचार)
  • Hot and Sweet Mango Pickle (आँपको गुलियो पिरो अचार)
  • Timmur Garlic Pickle (टिमुर लसुनको अचार)
  • Preserved Lemon Pickle (सङ्गखत्रो)

अकबरे अचार (Pickled Round Chilies)

Akbar’s Chilies are renowned for their fiery taste and all-around excellence, they’re also known as “Dalle Khursani” in Nepal because they resemble the shape of a round pea. Their fiery flavor makes them perfect additions to spicy dishes such as curries and pickles—and even chutneys, which taste a lot better with a hint of heat. Their crisp texture and low water content make them ideal for pickling in vinegar as well. Akbar’s Chilies are a rich source of Vitamin C, which boosts your immune system and promotes healthy skin.

The best part? They’re easy to find anywhere in local stores—or you can buy them online!

This chilli pickle is notorious for its spicy hotness, so it’s not an obvious choice if you prefer milder food. However, once you get over the initial aversion to heat and start eating it regularly, you’ll find yourself craving more. Moreover, unlike other types of chilli pickles, Akbar Chilli Pickles, despite their high heat, do not leave a long-lasting burning sensation. So if you want to satisfy your heat craving at home, this pickle is definitely what you should buy!

Authentic Premium Nepali Akabare Achar
Akabare Pickle

आँपको गुलियो पिरो अचार (Hot and Sweet Mango Pickle)

Mango is known to be one of the healthiest fruits on earth, and this pickle is a great way to preserve it for later use. It’s a unique blend of sweet and spicy, with just a hint of sour. The mixture gives your tongue the sensation that it’s being tickled—in a good way! 

Once you taste this delicious dish, you won’t be able to stop yourself from ordering more.

The ingredients used for Sweet Mango Pickle—raw mangoes, mustard seeds, and fenugreek seed—help lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and improve stomach health. The tangy spice mix can also help boost your immune system, prevent cancer, and lower cholesterol.

Best Hot and Sweet Mango Pickle in Nepal to Buy

टिमुर लसुनको अचार (Timmur Garlic Pickle)

Made from high-quality timmur (Sichuan pepper), this pickle has a strong aroma and a spicy bite. It’s perfect for adding to soups, stir-fries, and curries to give them a special kick. It’s also good for use as a condiment on its own.

It is versatile and adds flavor to most dishes, making them more pungent and appetizing.

This pickle contains garlic, which can help clear up your sinuses. The pepper and Sichuan peppercorns also boost metabolism and improve digestion, and they are known for their anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, which make this pickle an excellent choice for those who suffer from arthritis. It’s also said to help with the symptoms of colds and flu.

सङ्गखत्रो (Preserved Lemon pickle)

Lemon pickles are a popular condiment in Nepalese cuisine, and they can be found on many dinner tables. If you enjoy the taste of sour or acidic foods with your meals, this is one pickle worth buying!

It’s also great for those who like lemonade but don’t want all the sugar—and it won’t rot your teeth! The preserved lemon can be used in salads or as a garnish for soups, stews, curries, and other dishes.

It’s a great way to add tangy zest to your food that fresh fruit just can’t provide.

Many health benefits come from preserving lemons. The fermentation process infuses the lemons with probiotics that are good for your digestive system as well as containing the good bacteria needed to control bad ones.

Best Preseved Lemon Pickle to buy in Nepal
Preserved Lemon Achar

Final Thoughts

Nepal produces an array of pickles from all over the country, each with its own unique taste. Although these are the top four regional and artisanal Nepali pickles to buy in Nepal (in no particular order), there are many more available at local shops and markets throughout the country, and if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in a small village or town, don’t be afraid to ask around; someone will know where you can find them!