Your delivery charge depends on the order size and the distance to delivery as follows:
Cart Size < Rs. 500 = DC Rs. 150 Cart Size > Rs. 5000 = Dc Rs.100
Cart Size > Rs. 5600 = DC Rs. Free
Outside valley standard delivery charges are Rs. 250 but it may depend on courier services. Please check with our sales team before placing the order.

Yes, we deliver outside the valley in Nepal, but only in the major cities of Nepal with the help of the courier company that is officially tied up with us. However, delivery parameters may vary from time to time depending on many factors. We will carefully inspect the products before preparing your order, but we will accept no liability once the order has been shipped. You will have to contact the courier company to deal with delivery-related issues. All deliveries outside the valley will be in sealed plastic containers to eliminate the potential risk of glass breakage and ensure the safety of the customer.